You may have noticed at the end of our listing videos we always say, "...if you want to know more about our extensive list of both On and OFF-MARKET properties, give us a call." Have you ever wondered what that means?? What's an OFF-MARKET property? Well, for various reasons we can't always say too much about them.....

Sometimes sellers are incredibly private and don't want people to know they're selling their home.

Sometimes it's in a state of preparation, but could be available before being ready for the market.

Sometimes they don't want the disruption of multiple showings.

Sometimes they don't need to sell, but if a buyer came along they'd be willing.

The reasons are always different, but as the SAND CANYON EXPERTS, we always have an extensive list of them! We always encourage you to give us a call in order to strategize buying or selling, whether you're ready NOW or thinking about it IN THE FUTURE.

By playing house matchmaker, many of our properties never even hit the market. We're able to pair the perfect buyer with the perfect seller seamlessly.

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